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Shark Games
Feed Us 5 Feed Us 5
Escape from the aquarium and enter idyllic local water holes to prey on unsuspecting holid...
Medieval Shark Medieval Shark
Sharky has gone medieval this time round with the executioner axe, help it take down castl...
Feed Us 4 Feed Us 4
Continue on the feeding frenzy playing as a bloodthirsty piranha fish hunting in the tropi...
NewYork Shark NewYork Shark
Our friendly Shark continues its journey and a quick tour of NewYork is on the list. Help ...
Feed Us 2 Feed Us 2
Bad news, Piranhas are back prowling the bayou for fresh kill to feed upon. Good news, you...
Feed Us Feed Us
Play as a Piranha and go on a feeding frenzy preying on unsuspecting people boating or fis...
Paranormal Shark Activity Paranormal Shark Activity
Run!! cause the gigantic shark in this game is determined to make a meal out of you. TBH t...
Mad Shark Mad Shark
Play as a shark who is pretty mad and will eat anything that gets in his way including fis...
The Killer Whale The Killer Whale
Chained up and stuck in an aquarium this killer whale decides to break free. Help him eat,...
Miami Shark Miami Shark
Destruction and mayhem is whats in store for the innocent Miami citizens when you visit th...
Sydney Shark Sydney Shark
In this second installment, our friendly shark goes down under to Sydney. See what sorts o...
Super Viking Shark Panch Super Viking Shark Panch
If you are familiar with Guitar hero game-play this shark fish game should be simple or no...
Ultimate Crab Battle Ultimate Crab Battle
Prepare for the fight of your life as you are immediately plunged into fighting the bigges...
Shark Mountain Shark Mountain
Mind numbing logically flawed game but fun never the less. You play as a shark that live o...

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06. Caribbean Admira... - 6
07. Trap-a-Tuna - 5
08. Booty Juggler - 5
09. Big Teeth - 5
10. Fishing Time 2 - 5
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